Monday, May 16, 2011

American Dad

My first review is of Fox's American Dad.  From Seth McFarland, creator of Family Guy, this hilarious show follows Stan Smith, a CIA agent and his "all American" family including His wife Francine, who was adopted and raised by an Asian couple, he oldest daughter Haley, who is as far left as you could possibly be, and Steve, your average horny nerd.  What would a Seth McFarland production be without a wise cracking talking animal? No worries, American Dad has that covered, with Claus and Reginald. Claus was a German spy who was captured by the CIA and then had his brain put into a gold fish.  Reginald was a homeless man who answered an ad in the newspaper for a free meal and was tricked into getting his brain put into a Kola.  Finally, what has to be one the best characters in adult humor animation history, Roger the Alien.  Roger was the Roswell Alien and has been on either for "50 something years."  He has adapted very well to earth life, possibly a little too well.  After getting help from Stan to escape from the CIA, he has been living in the smith's attic for some time, but sarcastic bastard like Roger can't be kept locked up like that for long, so in one of his many disguise where he could be the Smith's cousin, a psychotherapist, or a number of other things.

What also helps to make this show hilarious, like Family Guy, is the secondary characters, most of which live in the Smith's Neighborhood or work with Stan.  What has to be my favorite set of secondary characters has to be Greg and Terry. They are the local news anchors and also a gay couple. What makes them funny is that they are not just a gay stereotype but like to make fun them.   In one episode the two are walking down the street holding hands, they make a comment about what just happened with the Smith's and then Greg goes "Wait, why are we always holding hands?" Terry says "Because how else would people know that we are gay?" "Oh right" and then they walk off. 

This show is the best of the three McFarland shows on Fox right now. 

Netflix Average Rating: 3.9 of 5 Stars

IW Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

The first six volumes of American Dad are available on Netflix Instant Watch and for Disc Rental.

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